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after getting a TERRIBLE grade on my first ACCY1 test i formulated a little study group. I was actually surprised that they came… GUCCI!

“got my Chevy ridin lo my phantom riddin HIGH…” … GUCCI!

“while they JAZZY JEFF” – yeezy

This is an ode to FRESH PRINCE of bel air… ive been watchin this show ever since i was little every wednesdays… and it is still playing till this day. this show is a good comforting show if your tryna go to sleep or somthin… GUCCI!

garden/boca burger WRAPS!… GUCCI!

garlic bread is the JIZZ... i cant wait till next week for the history of pop culture because we bouta 4LOKOS in that mothafucka… GUCCI!

You dnt know HOW MANY TIME i watched this cartoon image thing my favorite one is lil wayne and captain crunch!… GUCCI!

iono what doode name is but he is spittin some KNOWLEDGE on the accounting tip…i even subscribed to my nigga… GUCCI!

one of my FAV UNDFTD shirts…the reason why i dnt be copn is cause they shit be BREAKIN NIGGAS POCKETS… GUCCI!


man i wanna start dowloading effects for my iCHAT… i ddnt know you could do all that cool shit!… GUCCI!

Holla at TWISTED…everything is 20-30% off. My nigga STEVEN hooked me up but most importantly he gave me good advice. I told him i was gonna name it KAREEM ALIJABONG but he said “you cant jst name a pipe…its supposed to jst come to you”… thanks for the advice steven… GUCCI!

Parking across the street from the church feels pretty good…but the walk is HORSE SHIT. That creepy ass TUNNEL always creeps me out because it feels like theres someone gonna jump out. BURGER KING be makin GUAP cause the line is always hella FUCKN LONG. whos tryna go to the VAGINA MONOLOGUES... GUCCI!

Cant WAIT till these cool gray RETROS drop… GUCCI!

i dnt plan to be in MIAMI any time soon…but this COOL BOWL concert got my nigga C-U-DOUBLE R-E-N-$-Y and DOM KENNEDY rockin the mic… GUCCI!